Uses Of Walkie Talkies

It isn't surprising to come across someone asking around for information on where to buy a walkie talkie. You'd think radio frequencies were only used by radio stations, but surprisingly, that's not the case. Despite 21st century technological advancement, walkie talkies are still relevant.

Common Uses Of Walkie Talkies

Teams that work on foot patrol, like rangers, farm managers, campus security and lifeguards are the kind of people you'd ordinarily come across chanting "over" in a hushed tone as you pass by.

Campers and adventure junkies. These days we are engaging in outdoor adventure more than any other modern generation ever has. Perhaps it is the influence of survivalists like Bear Grylls who have us braving the wild as an escape from the city life, but whatever the reason, having walkie talkies reduces the possibility of getting lost out in the wild.

Great entertainment for the kids. I remember the thrill of being able to use a walkie talkie for the first time when I was little. The screeching sound, the delayed feedback, it was the ultimate experience. Decades later I was shocked when my 4 year old son asked me to buy the kit for him and his friends. I thought it was old school, but it appears it's still a thing!

Event management. Believe it or not but event management companies -especially the ones that host open air events- are always equipping personnel with walkie talkies. Besides being affordable communication devices, they -unlike cellphones- have a high noise tolerance that makes it possible to hear each other clearly in the middle of a Justin Bieber concert.

Different Types Of Walkie Talkies You Can Purchase

There is a lot of confusion here, particularly on whether "walkie talkie" and "two-way-radio" can be used interchangeably. The deadpan truth is that these are terms that were penned by manufacturers to meet the linguistic preferences of the times. two way radio is simply a fancy way to refer to a walkie talkie.

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Advantages Of Walkie Talkies

In our pursuit of the latest technology, we sometimes take for granted what is nowadays termed "old school". Well, unless you haven't heard, "old school is the new school" and walkie talkies are testament to that. There's a reason why walkie talkies are still popular decades after they first were invented:

1. Not only are walkie talkies handy communication devices over long distances, but they are cheap too. Considering that you don't have network charges to deal with, this can be a convenient money saver for expansive commercial enterprises that would otherwise incur hefty charges for using the services of standard communication networks.

2. Another reason to use walkie talkies is that they're secure. It normally occurs that crime syndicates tamper with public phone networks to ensure that their activities aren't reported. All it takes is a person to cut the phone line or interfere with a cell tower to cut you from the world. However, walkie talkies are a lot harder to jam as the equipment isn't housed in common public locations.